Hasegawa and Nagata Award

The Hasegawa and Nagata Award recognizes a SGEPSS member for outstanding achievements in leading the development of academic fields relevant to SGEPSS and for significant contributions towards the development of SGEPSS with a certificate, a gold medal, and a silver cup.

Tanakadate Award

The Tanakadate Award recognizes a SGEPSS member for outstanding scientific achievements with a certificate and a medal.

Obayashi Early Career Scientist Award

The Obayashi Early Career Scientist Award recognizes an early-career SGEPSS member for his or her unique achievements and for the promotion of research with a potential for further progress with a certificate and a medal.

SGEPSS Distinguished Contribution Award

The SGEPSS Distinguished Contribution Award recognizes distinguished contributions to the activities of the Society (technical support, research support, education and public outreach, long-time contributions to the Society, etc.). The winner(s) may be a member or non-member of the Society.

SGEPSS Frontier Award

The SGEPSS Frontier Award recognizes a SGEPSS member, or a group of members, for significant contributions to the development of research by SGEPSS through interdisciplinary projects with other academic institutions, innovative technological developments, and the development and maintenance of a research infrastructure.

SGEPSS Outstanding Paper Award

The SGEPSS Outstanding Paper Award recognizes author(s) of an outstanding paper that has been published in "Earth, Planets and Space" in the reference years. The corresponding author of the paper must be a SGEPSS member.

Student Presentation Award (Aurora Medal)

Student Presentation Award (Aurora Medal) recognizes student research for its potential and originality. The recipient is honored with a certificate and an Aurora Medal.